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Notes and information on the SIlver Age Sentinels game i'm running.
A quick and dirty campaign, no time for world development, so i'm going to steal from Foundation, Vigilance, Omlevex and Silver Age Sentinels, meshing the timelines together.  In a future game i may have a homegrown background.

Face Forward True Believers!


  The Silver Age of comics is here!  Ever wanted to be a hero? What about a vigilante?  Powers- we got ‘em.  New to comics? – check out the following:

  We will be using _Silver Age Sentinels d20_ rules.  Want your own copy?  Check:

RPGNow, DriveThruRPG,


The plan – to start in the silver age (Empire City or the island nation of Metazon) and progress to the modern era – either with the same character or the second generation.  Characters will probably start at 1st, 2nd or 3rd level.  SAS uses 9 character classes [acrobat, adventurer, costumed fighter, costumed wizard, gadgeteer, powerhouse, psychic, skulker, speedster] and instead of feats it features combat skills an techniques.

  Sample characters will be available for the uninitiated.


Silver Age Sentinels – Campaign start               June 1972


East Metazon   -           Corrington City


East metazoan is an eclectic place; a mesh of modern and classic, high industry and agriculture, ingenuity and tradition.  Members of the government are for the most part US and European bureaucrats and businessmen. 


Corrington-           cultural and financial center, museums, art galleries, posh restaurants on east, one of the richest places in the world, Greco-Roman, old world architecture, Broadway- City Hall, First National Bank, Natural Science Museum, fountain & numerous statues, First City Church, Kreiger Enterprises, Kreiger Medical Center, City Hospital and Asylum, Orpheum Theater, Cathcart Towers [Hotel],


Bay City-               bleak industrial town, docks [The Wharf] are home to some of the most rough-and-tumble gangs ever seen [The Family, The Brotherhood, Yax] rumored to have ties to crime syndicates [Wendigos, Yendor’s Blood, Blackfists], rumor of an underground railroad [The Movers]



South Metazon


A hot vacation spot for many, it has become the site of a bloody international conflict, with the US and Cuba fighting over the precious ground.


Tracus - South Tracus is a pile of smoking rubble

                North Tracus acts as a supply point for Metazon’s military and allied troops

                The underground movement brings food, medicine and other necessities into South Tracus.  Somewhere in the no man’s land between North and South Tracus lies the nerve center of The Movers.


West Metazon


The most recognized island in the region; the social hub, as it were.


Seaboard -             a fast paced, glitzy city that is home to the entertainment industry.  Thosewishing to be in the limelight come here,; the most famous underworld leader [Fred Prasse] has a large home on the bay; Seaside Drive is a mix of Los Vegas and Beverly Hills.


North Metazon


The estranged cousin, the island was never heavily settled.  It’s interior is a thick marshland. 


Middleton -           being situated on a dimensional nexus point that focuses and amplifies the magic in the area makes Middleton a thriving community for those who are mystically inclined.  Certamen park hosts wizardry duels, as does The Ring.  Other displays include Olympic-style games, jousting, swordfighting and circuses. The Lord, The Lady and the Guildmasters govern the city with medieval methodologies. The Lady lives in a castle in the NW corner, the Lord lives in a wooded forest on the SE edge and a ley line joins the two.  Varoius guild include the Merchant’s Guild, the Miner’s Guild, the Thieve’s Guild, the Assassin’s Guild, the Mge’s Guild, and the Town Guard. 


Central Metazon


The Freelands are a no-man’s land.  The Den is located near the caldera of the volcano that created the archipelago.


The Den -              located in a desert in the middle  of a lush paradise; a veritable scientific anomaly.  A rowdy, dangerous place with no law that sports a western flavor.  Strange variances in the area play havoc with electronics as well.  Macy’s Salon and The Hootch vie for clientele.  To the north is the Corral, a dead-zone, where hard labor is the norm [slopping hogs, mucking stables, chopping wood, working the gold mine].  Many here are sentenced to community work by the judge.


The smaller islands

DuMauge              -               NE of East Metazon, two small towns, Dupinsburgh & Cloquet; officially part of East Metazon.

Bartoll                    -               between West & Central, tiny town of Ardensdale

Parrieux                  -               off S tip of South Metazon, no settlements, swampland

Laporte                  -               near South Metazon, Gatorskin, a modern day pirate town




Valhalla -                a scientific marvel- a man made, capsule shaped floating city is the center for scientific and technological research.  A massive airstrip is located on the top though arrival by boat is also possible.  Valhalla is controlled exclusively from within by an august body of the best minds on earth.  Many governments provide forces to protect the city in exchange for public advances.  Everyone in Valhalla is treated the same and charged the same. 


Timeline Addenda


1971 began with a crisis that threatened to overwhelm Europe.  An enormous eruption in the North Sea saw the rise of the island of Thule off the coast of Norway.  Kreuzritter announced that the ruined citied encased in volcanic rock were a nation unto itself, a delegation was sent to the UN declaring the Kingdom of Thule to be an independent nation and Kreuzritter offered to negotiate payment for damages to those most directly damaged by the maelstrom.  The UN acknowledges Thule by the end of the year. 


The Ascension Institute is established in 1972 and works with the Disaster Research Center to study the effects of Thule’s rising on neighboring countries.




An island located at 57.00N 5.45E, it is 1,399 sq kms in size.  Nationality is Thulian, with most immigrants coming from Germany, Norway and Sweden.  The official languages are German, English and Faroese.  The government is an enlightened monarchy.  Chief of State is King Ernst Rauchenberger, government head is Minister of State Lukas Hertzog, and the Council of Government in under the authority of the monarch. 


the Mighty Titans
Double Dutch

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