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UUSupers [Unified Universe Supers]

UUSupers - a New Era

Aladar Wispersteppe
member of the Wispersteppen Akrobatica
A.K.A. Hacker CyberShadow


Background and Character:


Aladar was born into a circus troupe, the Wispersteppen Akrobatica. Most of his education was homeschooled, with attendance at regular schools as time and circumstances permitted. Even though he lived a wandering life, moving with the circus from venue to venue, his high intelligence and the teaching and emphasis of learning by his 'granma' helped Aladar as much or more than if he had attended school on a regular basis. Aladar was always curious and drawn to technological devices, especially electronics and computers.

At an early age Aladar became a proficient computer hacker. The computer, and the internet, became his connection to the outside world. Aladar's friends were circus folk. He never really had the chance to get to know and develop friendships outside the circus.

One fateful day when he was almost 15 years old Aladar was shopping with 'granma' in a European city while the rest of the troupe was at an outdoor restaurant. Unknown to anyone, a terrorist group had placed a bomb in the adjacent building. When the bomb detonated, everyone in the outdoor restaurant was also caught in the blast- collateral damage. Aladar and 'granma' returned to find a rubble strewn street. After the funeral, Aladar left the circus life and accompanied 'granma' to America, to live with relatives there. Vosho and Simza Borodin welcomed their aunt and Aladar into their home. Aladar started to attend school on a regular basis, but he had few friends, preferring to spend as much of his free time working with computers, or practising his acrobatics.

Even though Aladar's passion was computers, he learned the lessons of his childhood well. The troupe emphasized physical prowess, while 'granma' made sure he learned of his heritage, including what some call magic.

Aladar has an almost insatiable curiosity. Since he lost his family, he has developed a vengeful side; and he has been trying to hack into secure databases to discover which terrorist group is responsible for the death of his family. Aladar has a deep rooted desire to stop all terrorists, so that no more innocents come to harm. To this end he has created an alter ego, and uses his powers as a vigilante. His costume is a variation of the Wispersteppen Akrobatica costume.

Aladar is careful, cautious and curious. While in cyberspace or in costume he displays a very flashy style and is outgoing; otherwise he tends to be introspective and keeps to himself for the most part.



Male, 18 years, 6'01", 126 lbs,
Olive/tanned skin, long wavy black hair, dark brown almost black eyes

When not in costume, Aladar is likely to be found wearing jeans, a t-shirt and vest. He also wears boots, not shoes, and at times also a hat [a black suede, with a brim and a braided tail]. Aladar also wears the more traditional clothing of his heritage.

Multiclass- Mage/Martial Artist, Career Path- Hacker // level 4 [2/2]
ST 12, DX 15 , CN 14, IN 16, WS 10, CH 08
Hit Points 29, Att+3, Fort+0, Ref+3, Wil+3

Balance [dex] 4 +2
Bluff [cha] 1 -1
Climb [str] 3 +1
Computer Use [int] 4 +3
Computer Hacking [int] 4 +3
Computer Programming [int] 2 +3
Concentration [con] 3 +2
Craft- chemical [int] 2 +3
Decipher Script [int] 2 +3
Disable Device [int] 3 +3
Gather Information [cha] 2 -1
Jump [str] 2 +2
Knowledge- Arcane Lore [int] 5 +3
Knowledge- Physical Sciences [int] 1 +3
Knowledge- Streetwise [int] 4 +3
Knowledge- Technology [int] 2 +3
Knowledge- Theology/Philosophy [int] 1 +3
Listen [wis] 1 +0
Research [int] 4 +3
Science- Chemistry [int] 1 +3
Science- Physics [int] 1 +3
Spellcraft [int] 4 +3
Spot [wis] 1 +0
Swim [str] 1 +1
Tumble [dex] 2 +2





The Old UUSupers PBEM game


Alien Mutant

Thrill Seeker


Grimalkin was born on a planet in the Mutaran Nebula. Shortly after reaching adulthood, a group of aliens vivisted his world. These aliens claimed to come from the third planet of a system called Sol. Since he was now of legal age, and always had an adventurous spirit in his youth, Grimalkin asked the aliens if he could travel with them for a while. Their leader, Myst, agreed and took Grimalkin along, and becoming a sort of mentor/partner to him. She has the unique ability to teleport from one planet to another, and this was their usual method of travel. After a few years, the group returned to Earth. Grimalkin was so fascinated with the planet, that he asked to stay for a while. The group agreed and said that one day they would return for him. Since arriving on Earth, Grimalkin has learned to hide his outward appearance at times. While still learning about the customs on this world, Grimalkin met some others who also had abilities above the Terran norm. Grimalkin asked if he could join their team while he was on Earth.


Grimalkin is a sort of free spirit. He is somewhat curious and is enjoying learning about Earth, even though he has been on the planet for a few years already, there is always something new to learn about. Grimalkin usually likes being in groups, but there are times when he feels it necessary to be alone.
When he is annoyed, the tip of his tail tends to flick back and forth in rapid, jerking motions.



Humanoid with slight feline features. 6'04", 230lbs. Male.
Reddish blond hair and beard, slightly fur-like, with a very fine fur covering body which is almost unnoticeable.


Black military type vest and tiger stripe camoflage pants.


ST 13, DX 15, CN 13, IN 15, WS 10, CH 10


Prehensile Feet, Power,
Extra limb- prehensile tail - Power Level 13, St 13, Dx 15
retractable claws - Power level 6 = hardness
extended hearing - Power level 6 [distance]
telescopic vision - Power level 5 [distance]
multidexterity, multiattack, multiweapon fighting


Animal Empathy 1
Appraise 2
Balance 6
Bluff 1
Climb 6
Concentration 1
Craft 2
Escape Artist 4
Hide 6
Jump 5
Knowledge- local 3
Listen 2
Move Silent 6
Ride 2
Search 4
Sense Motive 1
Spot 1
Swim 1
Tumble 6
Use Rope 3
Survival 1

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